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Certified Pallets for EU Trade.

Heat Treated pallets to Ispm 15 is what we specalise in. Delivering Ispm 15 Pallets to any part of London and the outskirts is not a problem for us, If you require a full load of pallets on a daily basis that is fine for us.we have the kilning capacity to heat treat or kiln dry up to 9,000 pallets in on cycle at our Sawmill or 3,000 in one cycle at our Pallet Manufacturing Site. All our kilns are also run of our excess wood chip. Ispm 15 pallets are becoming very popular among all our customers as more and more companies are exporting around the world. With Brexit just around the corner you need a reliable and capable company like oursleves who can service any demand. Please get in touch today and ask about our heat treatment discount if you become a regular customer to us. For all your Ispm 15 Pallets why not give our pallet sales guys a ring today.

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